Mia Khalifa: The coronavirus ruined my life


Before the crisis of the pandemic Covid-19 all over the world, the former actress of films for adults most famous of the internet, Mia Khalifa, commented on how much that bothers you the panic that you are sowing on the disease, to be concerned about their followers about a possible contagion.

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“The coronavirus has ruined my life,” he wrote in one of his hitorias of your Instagram official, however, clarified that she is not sick, but that it is something more serious for her, the suspension of the next season of the National Hockey League, a sport he loves and is number one fan along with her fiancé Robert Sandberg, who goes to the matches.

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So this is what affected him so much, that there will be no sporting events of your liking, although many thought that she was sick. Mine is a great expert and has been shown to participate as a commentator of the sport, where he also declared his love of West Ham United Football Club.

One occasion suffered an accident in one of the games: “During the match (between the Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning) I was sitting behind the glass and the disc shot out and caught me off guard. When I hit I grabbed the chest and didn’t want to let it go because I felt that if I did there would be blood everywhere,” explained the actress.

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On her Instagram she shared that moment, “Besides, I beat him in the chest with a disk during the game, and I’m 80% sure that I broke an implant. But the good news is that I got a disk used in a game of the Stanley Cup Capitals. It was worth it,” he said.

Taking advantage of its fame thanks to its twenty-nine movies for adult, Khalifa who is now dedicated to be a commentator of sports, he devotes himself also to be a model and sell their photographs. Despite the fact that from several years ago left the industry-Mia Khalifa continues to be a celebrity in that environment despite the fact that he was only working for a year.

This is thanks to a page in which approximately every fifteen days to upload new content, photo sessions only in your page is shared, however if you subscribe for a modest amount of dollars on a monthly basis, you’ll have access to photos that are not shared on the other side.