Miley Cyrus revealed that thanks to Hilary Duff did audition for “Hannah Montana”


The singer and actress Miley Cyrus he made an important confession during a series of interviews to celebrities in a video for Instagram, as the singer of “Mother’s Daughter” revealed that thanks to the actress and singer Hilary Duffshe wanted to do casting for “Hannah Montana”. Oh Miley wanted to copy all over to Hilary!

Miley Cyrus 27 years is one of the ex-star Disney’s most controversial for all the facets that she has been through. However, when I was little I entered the world of television thanks to Hilary Duffwho at that point was participating in his iconic character from the Disney “Lizzie McGuire”.

Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus/Photo: Seventeen Magazine

Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus/Photo: Seventeen Magazine

In the case of Hilary Duff, age 32, when she broke away from Disney not had as much controversy as Miley, but knowing that Cyrus wanted to be like Duff is something that has impressed the fans. In a video to Instagram of the singer of “We Can’t Stop” said that in his childhood he wanted to copirle at all to the interpreter of “Lizzie McGuire,” because I admired it too.

  • “I want to confess to you that I went to a concert of yours when I was eleven years old dressed with a skirt plaid pleated boots Uggs just because you used to dress yourself as well,” revealed Miley to Hilary Duff.

Miley Cyrus assured Hilary Duff that didn’t matter to him if it would be singer or actress, as the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus only wanted to copy everything to your favorite character; because of this, Miley became Hannah Montana and fulfilled his dream, so he thanked Duff for being such a great inspiration.

Hilary Duff responded to Miley Cyrus

The interpreter of “Sparks” felt very flattered of the confession that made Miley, so in this way he responded:

  • “First, tell you that you are very friendly and I feel that I’ve known you a long time. Listen to you say that has made me feel that you really are a light and you’ve been very brave for taking so many risky decisions in life. You, yes you are an inspiration to us all,” said Hilary Duff.

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Here we leave the complete interviews that did Miley Cyrus to artists such as Hilary Duff, Reese Witherspoon, Dua Lipa, among others.