Natalia Barulich, wedding Maluma, completely changed the look and looks like a different person


Maluma it is one of the most important names in urban music worldwide and one of the phenomena of fans more passions up. However, the heart of the colombian is busy since two years ago when she met her girlfriend, Natalia Barulich, who has become his most faithful companion. The model just have a new change of look total with that is completely unrecognizable.

Natalia Barulich is evidently known by the fandom of Maluma. The model, influencer and DJ fell in love with the colombian in the filming of the video clip Happy 4 where she plays the girl that Maluma has an affair.

Since then, we have not stopped to see them together, especially in social networks, where you have lavished your love with messages such loving and photos that show his complicity. Is more, Natalia became the DJ of the night to the morning and added to the world tour of Maluma as an opening act, thanks to which they could spend more time together.

Natalia Barulich has become a great support for Maluma although has always maintained a cautious second place and has continued with its work as a model instead of offering interviews talking about their relationship.

But now, Natalia is in the news and not for anything related with Maluma, but for something that has to do with their work. And is that the model has just presented its new fashion look, a change of look that has left everyone breathless because this is a radical change.

Natalia Barulich has been filed with the hair completely blonde, and somewhat shorter than usual, a new look that has excited the most but with that, I have to say, the girl looks like a different person.

It is unknown if this is a change of look final or if it is something temporary that has had to do with the occasion of one of its projects.