Not only she lost weight Adele surprised her with her face totally transformed into a party with James Corden


Though Adele not releasing new music for 5 years, from her new album ’25’ in 2015, continues to show fans that is focused for the moment on your own well-being before returning to the recording studio and the stage.

In late 2019 and early 2020 showed an extreme change in body to lose 40 pounds. Going to be a woman ‘curvy’ to have a figure quite thin, as ever.

How to see Adele on today

Although the interpreter of ‘Hello’ does not offer statements about their personal lives, various media have claimed that he managed to lose that amount of pounds by changing their diet, leaning towards the diet ‘sirtfood’, which is focused on the rejuvenation and cell repair through the intake of many smoothies in a diet of a maximum of 1500 calories a day.

Recently he was also caught leaving the gym. So the exercise has been the perfect complement and ideal in this new life style.

The physical transformation of Adele has been impressive and admired by all, as it requires a lot of willpower and persistence to make changes in your life of that magnitude.

I recently came out to party with his friends James Corden and Harry Styles, who just turned 26 years old this 1st of February, and celebrated in a big way.

Of course, he drew attention to how it has changed the face of Adele right now which is very thin. Your cheekbones look more pronounced than before, his chin more in-tune and seems like such a runway model.

But there were mixed reactions about his new look. While many were filled with praise, others claimed that it no longer looks like the Adele that they knew and that is abusing the makeup.

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