“Oh, close your legs!” Natalia Barulich (the bride of Maluma) the lia


Natalia Barulich continues to add followers at breakneck pace. To the american model, and in particular to your account Instagramyou are sitting wonder his relationship with Maluma in terms of impact is concerned.

Natalia had her fame before you start dating with the singer. In 2012 already competing for the be Miss California USAwhile it was already one of the pretty faces of the brand Guess. In addition, she starred in several covers for the publications Maxim and L’officiel.

The turning point

Although the jump to the stardom achieved with the theme and the video clip Happy 4 who starred with his current partner, Maluma.

A leap to stardom, which added to the romantic relationship that it maintains with the colombian artist will have helped in great measure to be known in many corners of the world.

Your physique has also helped Natalia Barulich to succeed. Both follow a strict, healthy diet as dedicating hours to the gym, Barulich he has worked a lot to keep trimming your body. A tipazo of that loves to boast in his account of Instagram.

The haters attack Natalia Balurich

But, of course, so much fame growing means that the number of haters to do so as well. And as good influencer self-respecting, Natalia also the has.

Users that take advantage of the minimum increparla, as was the case with the photograph below. The snapshot had nothing wrong, but simply that Natalia appears seated with her legs open for you to tell them everything.

“Oh, close your legs!”, ”Sit right” or “Ciérrate you see the pizza”, we discussed Natalia.

“Beautiful”, “Cute” or “I love You”, are just some of the comments of their fans, were not slow to defend it.