Omar Fierro makes a mockery of Raúl Araiza and HITTING him in the program “Today”, why?


During one section of the program “Today” Televisa, experienced an awkward moment when the actor and conductor mexican Omar Fierro mocked and assaulted physically to the actor and driver Raúl “El Negro” Araiza So to know how to cook! because, according to Fierro, this activity is something that anyone can learn.

Remember that Omar Fierro 56-year-old, in the last few years has been dedicated to learn all about gastronomy. Omar has managed to switch his acting career with his passion for cooking, so that has also excelled in the culinary area and not only by their performances on the small screen.

For this reason, Omar Fierro sneered at his companion, the host of the program “Today” Raúl Araiza, for not knowing how to cook and never have been able to invite to eat at her mom, the actress Norma Herrera. In addition, Omar stressed the fact that “The Black” don’t even try cooking for your mother:

“Norm, if it is your child that you cook, even if it is a roast beef!”, expressed Omar Fierro in the program “Today”.

All of this happened during the section of games “Look Good”, and even though these comments were a joke, Omar gave him a blow on the shoulder with Raul Araiza, who pretended that it had hurt to be more dramatic at the time.

Omar Fierro returns to TV

After that in 2019 the end of her performance in the soap opera “blind date”, the actor Omar Fierro returns to television in the melodrama “I give life”, a production which was premiered on the 23rd of march and is having a good reception from the audience of Televisa.

Cast of the soap opera 'I give life'/Photo / foto: TvNotas

Cast of the telenovela “I give You life”/Photo / foto: TvNotas

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It is for this reason that Omar was a guest of the program “Today” to promote her new telenovela, where it acts at the side of José Ron, Eva Cedeno and Jorge Salinas. And did not miss the opportunity to also cook on the morning show, showing her second best talent in addition to performance.