OMG! Adele looks new figure… and it looks spectacular!


If there is one celebrity that has managed to be renewed with the passage of time, it is definitely Adele. And not only what we say, for the disks so beautiful it has made (and that are very emotional because it occurred at pivotal times in his personal life), but his evolution and maturity has also been reflected on the outside.

Adele we had already talked about exercise and change your life style, but now that he has been away from social networks, get the new photos that have been uploaded have surprised us! Even some photos paparazzi give us clues:

It is in your account of Instagram where Adele has given us some glimpses of this new change in your life. In some of the pictures that came up out of a summer trip because we showed a little your figure is more stylized and impact:

However, it was in his last picture to wish a happy Christmas to his followers, where Adele was showcased completely, with a black dress spectacular, where it looks amazing. The photo is black and white with a touch of vintage, but it is evident this change in her!

What we like the most is that Adele also looks very happy in these pictures. It is as if this time has been out of the social networks (that has ceased to rest the music for a while) has been dedicated to work in it and have all the balance the world. And that’s why we love the most!

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