Osmariel Villalobos confirmed that she is single and that ended the love between her and Juan Pablo Galavis (+TEST)


Rumors that the relationship of Osmariel Villalobos and her husband Juan Pablo Galavis I had just finished taking more force.

Recently, the former presenter of the magazine portada’s. Osmariel Villaloboswrote in their social networks “being single is fashion who else likes that song? Thank God for giving me so much happiness.”

However, Villalobos made a part of months stated in Portada’s in the segment Was put together the intrigue, that their relationship was going through a difficult time.

But the image where she wore a brought of bath has given more strength to the rumor that it really is over what occurred in their relationship.

It seems that, in a visit that he made the model and tv presenter in Maracaibo you would have confessed to a small circle of friends that his marriage with Juan Pablo Galavis had reached its end and that you have started your divorce proceedings.

The comments did not wait, and netizens will advise you look for another boyfriend.

In one of the comments the cheerleader he reassures a follower that he is more happy going through a divorce when he got married.

On the other hand, Juan Pablo Galavis took advantage of the time and also went to the beach to find peace, because it seems that the sea is the favourite place of the ex-couple to spend the hangover.

In the photograph it can be seen that exfutbolista looks sloppy and some of his followers will say that it is up to “more emaciated than Osmariel”.

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But all is not lost, in a recent release of Instagram we can see a video in which it appears John Paul apparently “happy” and with very good company the singer Ana Isabelle, who will no doubt share with him a “bailadita” in the car.

It should be noted that users of Instagram, nothing escapes them and they noticed that even the athlete uses his ring married.

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