Osmariel Villalobos is again criticized for her extreme thinness


The exanimadora of the morning program Covers, Osmariel Villalobos, has recently again been the focus of accusations, because of their physical condition.

Drafting Venezuela the Day

Through social networks, their followers claim that after Osmariel went to live to Miami with her husband, Juan Pablo Galavis, his physical appearance changed completely.

In the last photos of Osmariel, as it has always been very active. Clearly the model is not as before, obviously lowered a few pounds more but its fans don’t see it as something positive in their life; so they have been in charge of critiquing the model.

“Before I say you are very skinny, if I know it and I feel good. Since I arrived in Miami I changed completely my way of eating because there are too many foods that hurt my stomach, and because you don’t like,” said Osmariel.

Despite the fact that the driver has ignored and deaf ears to these negative comments towards her, the internet users do not stop and continue to ensure that is skinnier that “pure bone” of Billy and Mandy.

“You are in the process of losing weight much”, “Before you were a monument of a woman, but you’re different and don’t feel anything well, you are not even half of the skinny beautiful, I had the pleasure of meeting in lake mall”, “Beautiful you are but the thinness excessive has done that already do not look, it seems like you’re sick”, were some of the comments received Osmariel.