Osmariel Villalobos is criticized for posting photo naked |


The cheerleader venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos, residenciada currently in the United States, returns to be a center of criticism. And is that after publishing this Sunday in your social network account Instagram a photograph which leaves bare her upper part, the negative comments did not wait.

The followers of the artist ensured that “the tongue is the punishment of the body”. This, after the controversy that has arisen with the vedette Goddess Channels -about three years ago – when Villalobos explained the following: “Don’t seem to me anything that the Goddess is stripping all the time, and not by removing clothing, but by posting it”during a segment on the morning show Venevision, “Portada’s”.

By what Channels spoke in an interview for the same program years later, stating: “Nothing more with that you said that you don’t seem to, you are not anyone to say what you think or not of me… Because I don’t tell you, what seems to me, or not, of how you met your husband.”

“That disappointment and married, so much so that he said that no operator, the tongue is the punishment of the body, so beautiful it was, simple and look at what is returned, there is already showing and the only thing they cover is your pe…”; “Mijita What example you are giving to Camila?”; “That is why one should never say from this water I will not drink, now your following in the footsteps of the Goddess Channels but hey… it is your body, and with him you do what you want. But for the next think very good before you criticize someone”, were some of the comments.