Paolo Sorrentino, 4 curiosity, the Director of The New Pope


In anticipation of the new season
in the series Sky Original of the Vatican and its secrets told, here are some things you may not know, to his Creator: the Oscar-winner Paolo Sorrentino

of Paul Nice

The New Pope: the new series from Paolo Sorrentino

“The knowledge increases, the mystery,” said Bernardo Bertolucci. And, in fact, in The New Pope, the questions are mounting, in comparison to The Young Pope. But it’s not like we have all the answers at the end of the 9 episodes. Below, one of the strengths of this great series is in the joy, in the iconic places of the soul, such as the Sistine chapel or St. Peter’s Basilica, the perfectly reconstructed at Cinecittà. The great beauty of this fiction lives, in the faces of his unforgettable protagonists, in the magnificent dresses talari, in the aphorisms, detonators. The New Pope is a unique vision, enchanting, created by a demiurge awesome as Paolo Sorrentino. A designer of worlds, she tells about her work as a Director and very discreet to show the private side of life. Here are 4 of curiosity to the career of the talented Director, the on 31. may 2020 it will be 50 years old.

Paolo Sorrentino: Welcome to Los Angeles

Together with his wife Daniela and his son, Carlo, Paolo Sorrentino drew for a year in the Californian metropolis. And just in L. A. in the past 19. in september, the Director of the guest of honor on ITTV, the first festival of the Italian pay-tv Los Angeles. During the ceremony, Sorrentino was awarded HAND… the Winner is, creation of the Italian artist Fidia Falaschetti. Paul has commented on it so: “I’m Not good at speaking in public, but they are in a good state, press and place them at home, and wants to be in the vicinity of the Oscar”. It is very likely that this American trip, along with the next film by Sorrentino. As announced by the magazine Variety, the will with his new film project, as the protagonist Jennifer Lawrence. The preliminary Mob Girl, and when it focuses on the film adaptation of the book by Teresa Carpenter on the life of Hershel Brickman. Was in New York I was born in a wealthy family, Hershel was one of the bosses of one of the most feared mafia Italo Americana, until she decided to one of the Rapporteur of the Fbi.

From cinema to literature

In addition to Director and screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino is an unusual talent was as a writer. His first novel, “all right,” in 2010, he finished in third place at the premio Strega. The book is told in the first person by Tony Pagoda, the crooner of the century protagonist, The man, the film debut of Sorrentino. A enlightenment of stress and emotions, decorated with figurative language, and bold, which is capable of sentences like this: “I can’t stand nothing and no one. Not even to myself. Especially myself. Only one thing stand. The nuance.”

Later, Sorrentino has divided released “Tony Pagoda and his friends,” a journey in 13 stories to the discovery of the famous characters of Carmen Russo and Enzo Paolo Turchi, the magician, Silvan, by Antonello Venditti, Maurizio Costanzo. In the year 2018, since the prints “aspects are irrelevant”. On the basis of the portraits of the photographer Jacopo Benassi, Paolo Sorrentino imagine the existence of people, without knowing their names, their universal validity, what you are doing or have done. Like Balzac, the extraordinary novel about the Comédie humaine. A work that his trial by fire in these words: “There are two kinds of passion: “A I do not like that the other is interested in me”. Finally, the Director has signed “The Great beauty, diary of the film”, a kind of guide for the discovery of “the largest resort in the world, with photos by Gianni Fiorito and “The weight of God”, A collection of maxims, speeches, prayers, homilies, of the abuse of Lenny Belardo, also known as Pius XIII, the Pope and the protagonist of the series, The Young Pope. A volume with a delicious, sublime and funny Preface under free become features of the same.

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But, the music-master!

“Because of the music, the passions enjoy themselves”, wrote Friedrich Nietzsche, And in fact, the soundtrack in movies and tv series of Paolo Sorrentino is a kind of chorus, the Greek, the character is added, invisible, but crucial for the design of the narrative is. No coincidence that the film This must be The Place ” owes its title to a piece of the Talkin Heads. Eclectic, strong-willed, background, cinema, own goal manifests itself in sounds to the remix of Bob Sinclair’s “love” of Raffaella Carrà-a “Symphony in C Major” by Georges Bizet about Antonello Venditti, Bruno its artist, and Renato Carosone. And also in the Young Pope, an own goal is a gem as is “Without why” – Nada brought success, with a lot of endorsement of the Prime Minister of Greenland. In addition, the Director of the Naples has the text written together with Peppe Servillo, Nino Bruno Pasquale Catalano, “The night” and “Long nights bar”, two outstanding songs sung by Tony Pagoda, in the The man more. And for those who want to enjoy the music from the film by Sorrentino there is a nice anthology, consisting of 5 CD with all the best soundtracks from his films.


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The Great Self-Irony

You know, the ability is in the round Directors cinema rare as a stamp conger eels pink can not find how the figure Pizzaballa. Paolo Sorrentino has shown that it is often fun to joke about themselves and their style elements. Since its irresistible appearance in the series Boris are convinced, in the you to turn a consequence of the “Medical Dimension with the mobile phone”. But the Director shot a funny spot along with The Jackal and Alessandro Cattelan, David Di Donatello, 2016 presented. And Last But Not Least, how can we forget The Great fear, the video was shot with Frank Matano, to throw the film of tuna Spiaggiato. Oscar Wilde quote: “humanity takes itself too seriously. Is the original sin of the world. If the caveman had known the laughter, the story of a other course would.”