‘Poison’ launches its first minutes before the premiere of the series


‘Poison’, the new series of Javis, you will come to Atresplayer Premium this Saturday, march 29. The story focuses on Cristina Ortiz, known as ‘The Poison’, a woman who woke up locked in the body of a man, and that, over the years, ended up becoming a landmark LGBT. To liven up the wait, from your Twitter account have published the first few minutes of the series:

Throughout the series, Cristina will be played by different actors and actresses, such as Daniela Santiago, Jedet and Isabel Torres. In addition, we will see more familiar faces such as Lola Dueñas, Esther Expósito, Pepón Nieto or Elvira Mínguez, among others.

Despite the fact that all painted perfect, his shooting has also been interrupted because of the coronavirus, so that on the 29th of march so only you can see your first episodehaving to wait to see the rest.

The wait will be worth it


The series will feature eight episodes of 50 minutes each and will be inspired by the written memories of the protagonist, ‘I Say! Neither whore nor saint’. In addition to be directed by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, the address will also be in charge of Mikel Rueda and Alex Rodrigo.

‘Poison’ is firmly committed to the LGBT people and has wanted to bet by the visibility and social inclusion.