Rafa Mora do not know who to defend. Save me legs up


rafa mora

March 27, 2020
(11:15 CET)

Kiko Jimenez is poised to make a fool of the organization of Survivors and, therefore, Telecinco, the chain where he currently works. Earlier in the week uncovered under the watchful gaze of Carlos Sobera that Christoper was spending a lot of money to save Fani of the nomination. Something that the involved confirmed without any problem since it is not something illegal or goes against the rules of the contest.

Now the employee has returned to Save me, to speak of some favoritism that exists to Spray Flowers. The former Gloria Camila has fought a strong fight with the employees who have criticized his fixation on the daughter of Antonio David. The pair of Sofia Suescun takes weeks, criticizing harshly and everything could be derived to be the aunt of Gloria Camila, her ex.

“You are doing a trial if it is in the interest and here you also speak of it for the same reason, because it is the topic of conversation. I’ve been working three consecutive years in the discussions of ‘Survivor’, ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Women and men and vice versa’ and there has been Dew Flowers for any side or the Flores family,” said the ex-boyfriend of Gloria Camila. “I am working here as all of you, that I make very clear. Here is no economic interest on the part of all”, “he added.

Antonio David will not like that you will touch your daughter without justification and for this reason has decided to defend it and attack the contributor. The former civil guard reminded him that he is someone to be partner of Gloria Camila. “Went into ‘Surviving’ thanks to Gloria Camila, if you do not this to ‘Survivors’ will not nor a joke. With regard to its beginnings in ‘Women and men and vice versa’, it was the worst tronista and went out through the back door”, has expressed, the father of Dew Flowers. “Your career is absurd and ridiculous,” has been added.

Little by little, the conversation was rising in tone between the two. It seemed like a game of tennis, rushing the ball. Kiko Jimenez reminded him that he did the same with Rocío Carrasco. Antonio David stopped him immediately the feet. “I’ve had a problem like any other marriage that is separated and that at the end goes to the court for shared custody of their children. This has been a problem that I have lived that I do not wish even my worst enemy.”

kiko jimenez a1af6dc0 875x540The latest mess in the middle of the controversy has been Rafa Mora, a friend of both, but in this case it has been chosen by Antonio David, because does not understand your fixation with Dew Flowers. “I don’t understand the anger that has Rafa Mora towards me when I don’t know of anything. I speak of Dew Flowers because I have been four years in that family, and she in mine also. I speak with knowledge of cause, and I’m commenting on a reality”, has expressed the ex-boyfriend of Gloria Camila.

“I don’t know why it bothers you that you get interested when you and your partner have publicly said that you acercaste Gloria Camila just because she was the daughter of Rocío Jurado”, he has told Rafa Mora in ‘Save me’. Kiko Jimenez has denied the words of the contributor: “you Lie! Oh, that’s not what I said I would in my life! I have been four years with Gloria Camila and I have been in love with”.