Rita Ora is not put anything, and the photograph well: it Scandal!


Nothing better than a influencer the fashion and the accessories of textile to create a trend, that even complicated to follow, faithful and unconditional there is always, whatever.

In the vein fashion and the wave of the present and the future in outfits of the day and day of more dress is Rita Ora, who makes time between concert and concert to savor the view.

For any fashion victim that pay must attention to follow the singer, because it is seen that there is wrong.

What we do not know whether the taste and style will come from the factory or if being surrounded by both the assistant has copied ideas and evidence in your body, which is also possible.

Or leave indifferent, nor want to, is the character of the interpreter that is imposed on any fashion, design or what is self-respecting.

And in this mania you set the direction of what to get and what not, Rita has discovered that what best we can do is go without the bikinis of rigor under clothes. By the looks of it she is diligent to do it and aims to encourage the rest of us mortals to do the same thing.

And is that Rita, the chances of a copy your glasses, are endless. We don’t want you, or even give the number of the times that we are going to raise to buy a jacket as yours and same tonebut, the idea as you, leavinglgún button come undone and see that underneath is not leading anything, they are rather scarce.

The same thing, and all we are wrong, and what blunts are, that everything is possible. Because as you wear it, to us it costs us, and that that the that means of fashion, art thou.