Rita Ora is not used (and not hidden): the picture without anything


It is fashionable among the of the pink carpet don’t put fashion nothing, or to do that which was used until then as a normal garment, cease to be so.

The thing is that you notice that they are the ones that dictate the mandates of fashion and style in place of designers that claim to be.

In this fashion and be the more fashion is Rita Ora. The singer also left the bacon on each of their performances, to decorate the stage with looks impossible and staging worthy of the greatest star is a influencer of wipes, trends and colors.

And that is why in addition to devoting time to the microphones what does the image of big brands that have discovered that the blonde is a claim of the ideal, the best showcase for your clothing, and the reasons they do not lack.

Musically he has starred in a a show intimate in Mexico on the occasion of a sarao a well-known brand of credit card where the audience applauded as the most and enjoyed the show that promised and did not disappoint.

Stylistically, Rita is also news. Rita has been proposed that we leave in disuse the mania that we have to wear clothing that is inside, the bikinis that we use below, and to leave the house without anything more than a layer of fabric, and that he must seem like a lot. Because in it, that of go ‘without’ it is a constant.

And so you see in the last of his publications, a Rita cubierta for a dress leopard, red lips and a bandana on your head, but your style, without wearing the bikini of rigor under a dress and making it clear that this is how you prefer to go it.

Seeing the success that you have with everything that is proposed, we do not rule out anything, it only remains to wait to see if your trend brand.