Selena Gomez teaches his size. “It’s huge”. The photo of last time


March 27, 2020
(19:01 CET)

Selena Gomez has surprised everyone with a story in your account of Instagram which has shown its face and it seems pretty clear that you have done something in the lips to look thicker.

And is that the american singer already long ago that the surgeon or botox has been doing touch-ups, and the lip is somewhat obvious if you compare it to its beginnings, where I had a thin line of commissure.

The singer of Rare still want to mark trend and has made a physical change as long ago became her friend Ariana Grande, who also seems to be that pulled of botox to be seen lips more fleshy.

Selena Gomez


The followers have not hesitated to comment on the picture of Selena Gomez in the social networks where we have been able to read messages as “huge” or “that size is not normal.”

However, they have been the most that have been valued to the singer by the beauty that appeared in his photo. And is that the image of the artist in the united States is closely linked to his image since its inception and more so since January.

The change

As we were commenting on the last few days, Selena Gomez he has wanted to leave this 2020 the image of sick or with problems with the weight or the depression, and has been released to the strategy followed Miley Cyrus to delete the memory of Hannah Montana.

The american singer we’re seeing more daring than ever in their latest public appearances and photo sessions, as he did for the magazine Dazed.