Silvia Pinal known to the first grandchild male family


For Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzman are happy days, as his family has reached a new blessing: the small Apollo, Alexander, son of Luis Enrique Guzman and his wife Majella Lagoon. The baby, which was born on the 30th of August, is the second male in the dynasty of the Guzmán Pinal and the first grandchild man of the family. Through their social networks, Alejandra Guzman shared how he was known to his nephew, in addition to the first meeting of Apollo with its famous grandmother, the actress Silvia Pinal.

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Alejandra Guzmán know your new sobrinito, little Apollo Alejandro

The interpreter of such topics as Turn to Love he shared in his profile two tender pictures; in the first ‘Ale’ appears with his brother, Luis Enrique Guzman, and both look smiling holding Apollo. “The smallest of the Guzman” wrote the singer.

In the other post, the newborn goes home with his aunt and his grandmother and the adorable image is accompanied by a sentence, that stops to see what enchanted you are with the baby, which will surely be the darling of the house. “Apollo, we are full of light.”


Silvia Pinal is more than thrilled with his little grandson

Without a doubt, everyone in the family are delighted with the arrival of the baby, but according to Luis Enrique, which does not fit happiness is Silvia Pinal, it ensures that he, his mom, and Apollo share a unique trait that other members of the family do not. “My mom is back mad, because she and I share a signal, which are the ears attached. My mom has the ears attached, I have them and it turns out that Apollo also has the ears attached,” said the new dad to the program Window (TvAzteca).

The excited Luis Enrique also explained that your son will need care-givers to spare, as their older daughters, Schersa and Giordana, are also fascinated with his little brother. “My daughters are your sisters, they also have that instinct, and already die by taking care of you. Somehow they are being mothers, because one has 29 and the other is 27 years old, more then sisters, they will be as mothers of my son.”

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Why is it so called?

The own Luis Enrique explained that the name of their baby has a profound meaning, and that it also had the influence of his dad, and of course Majella. “Talking with my dad and watching several things with your mom, and obviously, the Greek god of the sun, of light, of dance, of poetry, of songs and of the music, but he had to be. And Apollo, in any way, he is the favorite son of Zeus, who reigns all of these arts”.

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The baby Apollo will have many hands to receive care and affection

In addition to that, shared that the second name of the baby –Alejandro—it is in honor of his father, who also is so called, and of his sister, Alejandra Guzmán, with whom I have an awesome relationship.