Small Giants is CANCELLED because of the Covid-19


Through a press release on their social networks, the production of Small Giants announced that the programme of competition children would be cancelled as part of precautionary measures before the crisis Coronavirus Covid-19.

Remember that Small Giants it would be one of the productions with greater audience of the chain Univisionwhich he has previously received strong criticism for having started just in the middle of the contingency by the pandemic Coronavirus.

Where many of the viewers accused the company of putting in risk the health of the attendees and the participants themselves, which also belong to one of the groups most vulnerable to be affected by the Covid-19.

Small Giants is CANCELLED

And though Univision had already made some efforts to maintain the transmission of Small Giants, alleging that it was a program “pre-recorded”, where the participants in fact showed no risk. A statement which by the way was not at all convincing for the viewers.

On this occasion he could not avoid the cancellation of your recordings, so that the production announced that the final chapter of Small Giants will be transmitted on the 5th of April, as a precautionary measure before the crisis by the Coronavirus.

Univision affected by the Covid-19

In this same press release, the Univision network announced the cancellation of Small Giants, had as main reason the safety of its employees, participants, and community partners, with the health alert regarding the Covid-19.

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He also said that the last two programs led by Galilea Montijo, were dealt with in chapters pre-recorded, yet offer all the segments of the program such as the duels of dancing, singing and talent of the young participants.