So is Raff Law, the child model Jude Law comes out with Rita Ora


They say that it has the look sensual of his father, and the truth is that maintains an incredible physical similarity with the Jude Law of a couple of decades ago. Although it seems that his eldest son, Raffertyhe’s going more the fashion that the world of interpretation, which argue both the career of Jude as his ex-wife, Sadie Frost. At her 23 years, Raff has already seven starring in advertising campaigns of major signatures, or climbing onto the catwalk, where it premiered at the 2015 hand-in-hand of DKNY in the Week of the Male Fashion of London. Since then he has worked for big brands like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Timberland and Dolce & Gabbana and has been on cover of various fashion magazines.

His debut as a couple it was days ago, at the gala of the British Fashion Awards

Boy restless in the artistic aspect, since a teenager has had his own music group and the opportunity to work as a DJ. With a well-defined vocation, he studied music production and sound engineering to approach the land on which he intended to succeed.

“Music is a passion. Fashion is a way of doing that to someone I know and that works as a door to my personality and my music”, explained a couple of years ago in an interview, in which he also confessed that his parents forced him to finish the elementary studies before you accept any offer professional. However, it seems that finally that door to the international scene that both sought has not been opened the lens of a camera, as he intended, but Rita Ora (29), head in Instagram: it has more than 15 million followers. Of all the shop windows as possible, surely this was one of the best.


He wants to devote himself to the music, but his career did not just take off

The new couple met during the filming of the ‘remake’ of ‘Oliver Twist’ (where he interprets the leading role, and she, the Artur Dodger in female version dressed in police), which has located in the center of the currently craved. The rumors that between them had arisen something special as it was weeks ago that circulated, and, far from letting it retroalimentaran speculations, went hand-in-hand at the gala of the British Fashion Awards, just a month after she broke up with musician and music producer Andrew Watt.

Rita, six years older, shares with Raff his passion for music. He tries, but to date has not reached much beyond the publication of ‘Support Network’ in October 2017. Far from a niche in the media for his work in the music scene, featured prominently in the press in September 2018, when it was seen inhaling ‘hippy crack’, a chemical drug, during the Notting Hill carnival. His parents, Jude Law and Sadie Frost (producer and fashion designer in addition to actress), also met during the filming of a movie, ‘Shopping’, in 1994. They were married three years later, after the birth of Ra, and were parents of two other children before divorcing in 2003.