So was the love story between Myrka Dellanos y Luis Miguel


The tv presenter and the Sun had an affair that ended long ago, we tell you how it was

Myrka Dellanos and Luis Miguel they had a relationship that lasted a little less than two years, from 2003 to 2005, however it was extremely intense and he was very seriously, many claimed that you could hear the wedding bells. But something happened and suddenly it all ended. Here we tell the story.

His 54-year-old journalist has many stories to tell, but without doubt one of the most juicy is the love story he had with “The Sun”. Although she has tried to be very reserved about it, in several interview has given small glimpses of what was on the relationship.

From the first interview he had with the journalist, the singer, there was sparks, who met him in Madrid in 1999. However it was not until years later that invo lved emotionally. Even during the televised interview we could notice the interest of the singer.

Myrka he recalled on one occasion in the year 2000, the singer praised his beauty, it was not until 2003 that the magazine People would confirm the couple on its cover. During their period together Alexathe daughter of Myrka, kept a strong closeness with them, even was the one that revealed that they could reach the altar. What is certain is that both were very smiley to all the places we were attending.

Finally in February of 2005 she was the one who put an end to the relationship, but always warned that they were on good terms, and so he proved the singer to not be greatly affected since a few months he would initiate a romance with the actress Aracely Arámbulathe great love of his life.