Stopped for a actor of ‘Iron Man 2’ by selling cures false for the coronavirus


Keith Lawrence Middlebrook, actor with small roles in films such as ‘Iron Man 2’ and series like ‘Entourage’, has been accused of electronic fraud by, supposedly, apply to investments in a company that, according to Middlebrook, would use to market pills that prevent spread of COVID-19, in addition to an injection that would cure the virus.

  Keith Lawrence Middlebrook

The judge has not yet made a decision, but Middlebrook might as well spend 20 years in prison. According to the u.s. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, the actor claimed to have personally developed a cure and a treatment “despite the fact that all major health authorities have warned that there is no antiviral treatment specific, nor is there a vaccine for the COVID-19”, authorities said.

Supposedly, Middlebrook requested funds for his company, Quantum Prevention CV Inc. and assured that Earvin “Magic” Johnson, former NBA player, was one of the main investors, which Johnson denied time after, ensuring unaware of the existence of the company Middlebrook.

The actor had confirmed that your company would pills bulk and who else would market a serum to cure those already infected. In addition, according to Deadlinethrough a video from Instagram, Middlebrook stated that, if you were going on a pill and you to the Staples Center full of individuals positive for coronavirus, you might not catch the virus.

The defendant was arrested during a meeting in which he gave pills to an undercover agent that made them pass through the inverter.

We are living in difficult times

As said the Federal Prosecutor, Nick Hanna: “During these difficult days, scams like this are using outright lies to take advantage of our fears and weaknesses. While this may be the first criminal case in the nation derived from the pandemic, it will not be the last”.

Even so, we have not lost faith in humanity. A large crowd of celebrities has turned to combat the coronavirus through donations, such as Rihanna, which has allocated 5 million dollars to help get vaccines, medical supplies and protection for the doctors themselves, or Angelina Jolie, that has allocated one million dollars to the Foundation and No Kid Hungry to fight hunger in american children, at the time of the coronavirus.