Suzy Cortez cuts his t-shirt to teach better the “nenas”, ¡white-Hot!


Model, host, and lawyer, Suzy Cortez he has everything to be the perfect woman for thousands of people. The brazilian winner of the contest Miss BumBum World of 2019 is one of the consenting users of the internet by the lush photos that you share. Now decided to cut back a bit, her tiny t-shirt to teach better the “babes”.

Suzy Cortez 29-year-old has been transformed since I became Miss BumBum World. Model erotica has become much more popular in social networks for their incredible anatomy super toned by exercise. While its beauty has been enhanced thanks to the various cosmetic procedures that you have undergone.

On the other hand, Suzy has also increased its fame thanks to the more than 8 covers Playboy has done in his career as a model; so it had to put aside his profession of lawyer crime to become one of the women most desired and sought after of the internet.

Until now, Suzy Cortez has over 2 million followers on Instagram, where they often share the hottest pictures and videos that often challenge the censorship of the app, and show the most saved of his impressive body.

Suzy Cortez on Only Fans

Only Fans is one of the adult websites most sought after on the internet because it contains the pictures and videos naughtiest celebrities. In this web, XXX is also the brazilian Suzy Cortez, and she asks his thousands of followers that enter to the page and subscribe to receive content super hot model.

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To promote such a platform, Suzy Cortez cut a t-shirt that made almost all of their “babes,” and bragged about his marked abdomen and sculptural legs while wearing a short mini denim. The publication got thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in a few hours.