The actress Camila Sodi and her daughter with Diego Luna are positive for coronavirus


With an appeal to “taking care together”, the mexican actress Camila Sodi announced that her daughter with actor Diego Luna, Fiona Moon, tested positive for the coronavirus , so they assumed that she, who has all the symptoms, it also would be sick.

“I started having all the symptoms and then my daughter felt very bad. We did the test because I had a high fever and came out positive, which means that I am also positive. The only reason I’m telling you that is that between us, we need to take care of and we have to give ‘tips'”, begins by saying Sodi from its account of Instagram.

Previously, the also singer and niece of Thalia had announced that recluiría in their house together with their children, since both she and her family had contact with a friend who had come out positive in the test of the covid-19, so had taken the decision to take precautions.

“We don’t all have the same symptoms, some have a fever, I never got the 37.5 degrees, pains of the belly (stomach), tummy revolt with a lot of gas, the dry mouth… If you have 30 or less and there you have cold sore strong and you don’t feel that you can’t breathe, please don’t go to the test and stay in your house”, he added Sodi.

In the message, she explained that she has been doing exercise and activities that have made you feel better, and invited people via that medium to tell their experiences and tips that have helped them improve.