The bride Maluma (Natalia Barulich) it teaches more in this photo!


The life of Natalia Barulich gave a radical turn the day she met Maluma. The model, influencer and DJ is, in fact, the partner of the colombian singer. A relationship that has caused it, how not to, that the visits to your account of Instagram and the number of followers that you have on that social network to skyrocket.

Natalia and Maluma is more than happy and, while it is true that there are not a few who claimed some time ago that the relationship could be a thing of a few days, the moment the wind in its sails.

Natalia it is a very special person to me. I love it very much. Came into my life at the right time … it Was love at first sight. He continued with his life and I followed with mine, but shortly after, we began dating”, about the colombian recently in an interview. We will see the extent of this relationship.

The photo of Natalia Barulich

What does seem clear is that this romance with the singer has come of pearls to the model. And it shows in their social networks, where every time are more and more flocking to see her daily posts.

One of them has drawn much attention in the last few days. And it is that, with the excuse of asking his followers if they like blond or brunette hair ,Natalia it has been planted with an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination. Some claim, in fact, that teaches more.

My mother but where are you going with that dress”, “Close”, “someone forgot to finish sewing the dress by the top,” “This woman is pure provocation,” or “I’m Not surprised that Maluma is in love with” these are just some of the many comments in this regard that already flying around the network.