The change of the life of Adele: who was your inspiration to lose 70 pounds


The singer decided to change his habits of life and looks to your new figure. Who was your inspiration? Source: File

“I would rather cry, now I choose to transpire”,



in a posting on Instagram. The singer decided to make a resounding

change of life


went down to 70 kilos

thanks to a food plan and exercises. It all started when he saw the videos of

Joe Wicks

a personal trainer who is a star in the virtual world. The

influencer fit

it was a great inspiration for the performer british.

According to the newspaper the Sun

, Adele chose to do exercise routines in your own home, instead of going to the gym. The same media says that the singer of 31 years is very excited about her change of style of life, and they began to engage seriously with diet and training since April, when it split from Simon Konecki -after 8 years of love-, who was the mother of his son Angelo, of 7 years.

Wicks, the young man who woke up in Adele the motivation to improve their quality of life, has almost 3 million followers on Instagram, and rain down thousands of I like in every one of your videos of motivation. Also known as”

The Body Coach

“specializes in short workouts of high-intensity interval. In turn, combining these exercises with a balanced diet rich in fibers. They often share healthy recipes in your posts to incite their followers to make desserts that are low in calories that are nutritious and rich.

The star of Instagram is not the only one who participates in this great change in the life of the singer:

Dalton Wong

known as “the trainer of the stars”, organizes the exercise routines to the interpreter. It should be added that Wong is also the personal trainer of Jennifer Lawrence, a friend of Adele.

In dialogue with

The Sun

a source close to the author of “Someone Like You,” he said: “Adele was secretly working with these personal trainers. She is not the type of person that you want to show all your social networks, so he schemes and plans from his home, using the videos and tutorials that will send their coaches.”