The coronavirus has been blocked in the break, Hollywood, film, and outputs


Winked, his past and popular game, which was it, Six degree of Kevin Baconthe actor launched the campaign “Six degrees of separation Covid-to convince a 19” for all the people, to keep the correct distance. And while the big majors, Universal head, moving tracks, much as Emma and The invisible man (open image), the of the hall to the video-on-demand (also happens in Italy), in all parts of the world, large amounts of data close, the stars return home, and we stay. Scarlett Johansson the annuncia they wait to see on the big screen Black WidowMarvel-women do the same Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman in the break from the set of the musical The Prom and Amy Adams the protagonist The woman at the window.

Nothing to duels in costume, Matt Damon, Adam Driver and Ben Affleck medieval knight in the film The last duel from Ridley Scott, of how exposed is the sequel to Avatar James Cameron turned up in new Zealand. Farewell to the live version The Little Mermaid. In peace Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchettthe few, the all stars Nightmare Alley by Guillermo del Toro. Be interrupted the productions Samaritan with Sylvester Stallonein the western all black The harder they caseplayed by Idris Elba, the positive with the virus, and still Mission: Impossible 7the musical Cinderella with Camila Cabello, The nightingale the sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning Matrix 4 and of course the movie about Elvis Presley: Baz Luhrmann, with Tom Hanks. Red light also for the expected Batman with Robert Pattinson. “Hollywood Shutdown“inhabe Varietythe Bible performance.

In contrast to the lost lives of the people, the cinema thenfor pictures of the platforms, you need need the spaces, we need them all in the post-war period. But today, not even in Hollywood, there is no place for the old said, as it seemed, right: the show must go on, the have, In these terrible days, I in the core of the official press release hit the Costume Designers GuildUnion costume designer and stage designer with hundreds of workers at home: don’t ask for contributions, but it is recommended, talk on the phone every day with the colleagues in retirement or to support older people in difficulties, “because that is now our priority”.

Emma, the film

Scene with Emma, the film formerly of salt on the on-demand.

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After the birth of the Tribeca New Yorkthe festival , thought De Niro as a reaction to the 11. september, basic element of business-the spectacle was become to touch the so-called “touchy-feel”, the feeling that, because he is many to defeat the fear, product launches, festivals and events, which, as a rule, the rights of a crowd of fans and enthusiasts. Everything done in the time of the movement of the distancing and the six degrees of separation, the “touchy-feel” of the enemy to fight. For how long, we don’t know. But already to.