The drastic weight loss Adele divides her fans


An Oscar and a Golden Globe, fifteen Grammy awards and eighteen Billboard attest to that Adele it is one of the most important singers and world-renowned. Today, however, are not his professional accomplishments that occupy headlines. If last October, the british artist surprised everyone with your new figure after you have lost weight 19 kilos, now there are a few new photos that have come to divide their fans. During their Christmas vacation on a Caribbean island with his family, the artist has demonstrated that go ahead with your new life-style that includes a personal trainer thanks to which it has transformed your body. But although she seems very happy judging by the snapshot, his change of look he has divided his followers.

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According to the experts, to lose weight in a healthy way the number of pounds that you have lost the singer of ‘Rolling in the deep’ would take eight to ten months. During this time, the agency has sufficient time to adjust without a negative impact on health. Although it is not known how long it has taken Adele in exactly to get it, with the help of experts that guide you during the process. But despite the fact that losing weight is a very personal decision, provided the health is not affected, many of their fans wanted to give their opinion on the matter.

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While some of his followers to encourage their idol with statements such as “Adele has lost weight. Is beautiful”, others exclaim: “this is why I do not want to lose weight. It does not seem it.” Luckily, what most of their fans want to emphasize is that the singer has always been much more than his image: “let no one be offended but I’m tired of people saying that Adele is gorgeous now that she lost weight… it has always been absolutely spectacular. The weight has never been a determining factor in the beauty of someone and I can’t believe we still have to remember in 2019”. Oblivious to public opinion, the star seems very happy with the change, while you enjoy your family and friends with these free days in a paradisiacal destiny.