The eating plan Sirtfood would have helped the singer Adele in your weight loss


British experts claim that this diet can get to lose up to 3 kilos per week

Since the singer is English Adele reappeared after his divorce, his obvious change of weight it became a topic of conversation on the web, because as she herself said it on their social networks “before crying and now sudo”, becoming, in a phrase iconic has motivated and inspired millions of their fans around the world, but now a specialist website in nutrition has revealed the mysterious diet that followed the singer of “Hello” to regain her figure.

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According to the portal Doctor NDTVthe singer in English followed by a diet that lets you eat chocolate and drink wine while you lose kilos. It is the diet Sirtfoodcreated by specialists british with the purpose of generating a type of protein in the body for weight loss.

According to the research consulted by the portal, this diet focuses on a group of seven proteins that are found in the body, of which it has been shown that they are capable of regulating metabolism, inflammation, and other bodily functions.

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And it has been discovered that some foods can increase the level of these proteins, which are known as sirtfoods, some of them are: turmeric, buckwheat, onion, walnuts, coffee, strawberries, blueberries, dark chocolate, kale, olive oil and green tea. On the basis of this food group, the diet it is divided into two phases, the first is to restrict the first 3 days your caloric intake to only 1000 calories a day, after you drink 3 green juices and one meal a day. Then in the remaining days of this step is to lift the consumption to 1500 calories, reported by the site specialist.

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Phase two of the diet lasts for 2 weeks, this stage is known as the “maintenance” in the diet sirtfood, according to the expert in this period, people often lose weight constantly, there are no limitations of calories that you need to follow and you can eat three full meals and a glass of green juice a day.

The experts on this diet, show that people can lose easily up to 3 kilos per week with this diet, however, it is not recommended to follow it without supervision of an expert or without first having consulted a specialist in the field.

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