The last photo of Andrea de Janeiro (Belén Esteban): “That face is new!”


March 28, 2020
(13:50 CET)

Belén Esteban know very well what it means to be a media star in Spain. The collaborator of Save meamong many other programs, has made your private life your particular business.

Without a natural gift ara nothing in particular to the margin of the television, Bethlehem saw it years ago on the small screen and in the tabloids a very good way to earn a living. Said and done. After having become famous for being the partner of Jesulín de Ubrique, Stephen has been little by little gaining weight Telecinco to become one of the faces more attractive to the audience.

And is that, as much as Stephen you have an army of haters behind, it is much more numerous army of followers who applaud each of their interventions and to always protect it in social networks.

The photo of Andrea Janeiro

A Bethlehem that, incidentally, is not need in fact the protection of no one. Has demonstrated on many occasions in the stages of the chain Paolo Vasile that is not small in fighting against their ‘enemies’ and that, with their particular labia, is able to earn the applause of many.

Yes, it’s one thing she and the other one is his daughter Andrea. A Andrea on that Bethlehem has always been to layer and sword, and by which, as already said once on tv going to be one of the mythical phrases of the contributor, “for my daughter’s mato”.

Andrea Janeiro and Belén Esteban

The case is that have appeared in these days a photo of Andrea for the networks, seeing that his face does not seem the same as it looks now, many have pointed out that what is more likely is that, as your mother, Janeiro you have chosen to “make a visit to the surgeon.”

Andrea Janeiro

Comments such as “Oh, that face is new!” or “Is that Andrea de Janeiro? Not the I recognize” already flying down the nets next to the photo in question.