The reflection of Hailey Baldwin on the disease Justin Bieber | News


It’s not been an easy week for Justin Bieber. Although he has started the decade with new music and showing all his energy in Yummy, the artist has wanted to open up to their followers, and to confess that you have Lyme disease, the same one that did that Avril Lavigne away from the music.

After the strong statements, Hailey Baldwin, his wife, has wanted to launch a message on Twitter to support Justin and recapacitando about all you have learned these days about the disease and the behavior that must be when you have someone close that suffers from it.

“For those who try to minimize the seriousness of Lyme disease. Please, do some research and listen to the stories of people who have suffered for years. To mock and belittle a disease that you do not understand is never the wayall that is needed is to educate yourself,” she wrote.

In addition, it has wanted to thank the models Beautiful and Gigi Hadidas the mother of these, by giving them all the information necessary to take care of his boy.

Avril Lavigne has also wanted to send encouragement

“Thank You Hailey Bieber for your kind words. I am sorry to hear that Justin have to go through this horrible disease. The fact that it is difficult to diagnose and so debilitating was also something that I suffered”, have been the words that the singer Complicated when the model told him thank you for giving visibility to the disease.

In the wake of his experience, the artist created a foundation to stop this fatal epidemic: The Avril Foundation with the help and awareness to a large number of people all over the world.