The second season of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ will not be affected by the coronavirus


In the last few weeks, virtually all of the news related to the audiovisual industry, have revolved around to the coronavirus and its consequences. Since the closure in the cinema, and the cancellation of film shoots to very important figures of the industry who have been affected. However, it’s not all bad newsas in the case of ‘The Umbrella Academy’, its showrunner Steve Blackman has confirmed via Instagram that the production goes ahead and will arrive on the scheduled date.

“Not even the crown can stop ‘The Umbrella Academy’. But I swear that we’re washing hands”. This is the message that has been shared, along with a photo of the fitting room in where they are working. It is important to emphasize that the filming of the series ended in Novemberaccording to ComicBookMovieso that would not be comparable to other productions in which they have to roll yet, which is much more risky to face the virus. This is without a doubt a great news that represents the arrival time of one of the few productions that have been standing during this crisis.

The Umbrella Academy

Of the few survivors of the pandemic

As we have already mentioned, many big productions have decided to close before moving forward, which makes the case of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is an exception. His second season will arrive this year to Netflixand we don’t know if other series that have been affected as ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’, ‘Riverdale’ or ‘The Walking Dead’, among others, will have the same luck if, on the contrary should be expected for the next year to be able to put to use.