the seductive photo of Natalia Barulich, wedding Maluma


Natalia Barulich it is, without doubt, one of the young people in most hearts steals on Instagram. The girlfriend of the famous singer Maluma with a community of more than 2.5 million followers, with which they often share their travel, work modeling, and perfect curves.

The model cubana-Croatian has a body of scandal, and thanks to his profession has no problem in showing it to the world. That is why the perched in swimsuit and bikini are very common in their social network. And the last, who has starred in are not leaving anyone indifferent.

The dancer of 27 years, he has advance the last campaign in which he took part and oh my god!: in the snapshot, is back with a new swimsuit dark blue that barely covers her butt.

Before this image, the Pretty Boy has not been quiet and has said “To now” next to a smiley drooling. To him, they have been joined by hundreds of other users that have flattered the figure of Natalia.

“The woman … the more divine”, “Sexy” or “Beautiful”, are some of the compliments that you have dedicated.

With reason Natalia Barulich has become one of the infuencers a favorite among the virtual community. The girl is always amazing with their different outfits, both in summer as in winter, and thanks to the many is also one of the preferred brands.

In addition to having been a dancer for many years, is a model, actress and DJ. And despite having an agenda of the most busy, always makes time for his love: Maluma.

Get to know more in depth to this beautiful girl:

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