The stunning photography of Natalia Barulich, the bride of Maluma


The beautiful model and girlfriend of the colombian singer Maluma, left love to all of her followers after posting a sensual photo.

6 Sep 2019 12:04By:

Sensual, so it looks Natalia in an image that was recently published through your account Instagram, where it mentions the famous photographer Victoria Janashvili, who was responsible for capturing such a photograph.

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The millions of followers of Barulich they were enamored by the photographyas the girlfriend of the singer appears with a dress of bath of color red one-piece where he gets to see part of his buttocks and her statuesque body.

The publication in the social networks has reached more than 36 thousand reactions, where his followers will praise and confirm the beauty of the model, in addition to writing funny comments, “With reason Maluma never loved me”, “the most beautiful in the world, I love you”, “leave Maluma and stay with me”, “you are the most beautiful in the world”, wrote the fans.

The model is ethnic Croatian and cuban, met with your partner in the year 2007 during the recording of the music video of paisa, ‘Happy 4’ and although at first they did not want to reveal their love before the media and the cameras, shortly after the famous charge of sharing their romance to the world.

The charms and attributes of the model, were the ones that managed to steal the heart of the colombian, now more than two years of relationship and you see them repeatedly together with your social networks and in the large events to those who attend.

Nataliaalso is dj and dancerand her boyfriend supports her one hundred percent in their work projects, as one of his dreams is to be able to be in the poster of the major music festivals worldwide.

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