The video of the wedding of Kiko Matamoros moving all of that so that it swept Saturday Deluxe


Kiko Matamoros and Marta López vacation

March 28, 2020
(11:22 CET)

If there is anything positive out of this quarantine and this drama that is assuming the coronavirus in our country is that, sure, many, and many have now started to do sport at home.

Taking into account that we must be at home to stop the contagion, many are seeking in the social networks, routines, and exercises for not to lose the way in these days of sedentary lifestyles that we live.

Luckily leg the followers of the wedding of Kiko Matamoros, Marta Lopez is sharing with them through the networks of a series of exercises that she usually do on a daily basis and that, as pointed out by some in the nets “they are one of the reasons why you have the body that you have”.

The video of Marta Lopez

As well pointing it in your account, it will be Thursday when I hang up some routines to remain in shape and, by the way, although this is now the least of the concerns for many of his followers, start to prepare the operation bikini.

Of time are already several videos that have been hung and, of course, have taken. Among both his followers as well as in Saturday Deluxewhere many have been left with the mouth open, watching the figure of the model in full exercise.

The likes and the comments have exploded and, for the first time in a long time, the great majority of them have been more than positive. While there are those who wanted to take water to the wine, a high percentage of the comments have been of congratulations and appreciation to Lopez.

How well Marta, it is just what I wanted”, “I love being able to exercise and to teach me a crack like you”, “I understand Now, because you have that tipazo”, “Brutal” or “Excellent routine and a very good initiative to Marta, good for you” are some of the many views in that regard.