The women have been linked romantically to J Balvin


The street artist, what have been involved with several models, actresses and presenters in the last few years.

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J Balvin is an icon in the world of music. His career, which began in Medellín, earned him to be regarded today as one of the singers with a bright careerfull of hits with songs such as My People and Reggaetonthat have consolidated in the top of the urban music.

Started very young, but in a genre completely different from the current one: the rock. In the year 2010, he became the artist revelation of several radio stations in colombia, this time leaning into the reggaeton.

In the present, J Balvin it’s still showing as an artist that likes to innovate. Their looks and his style by a fashion much more contemporary have been the subject of conversation in various media, as well as their romantic relationshipsand although many of them have not been able to confirm 100%, there were several rumors that linked up with the most beautiful women on the planet.

Alejandra Buitrago

The risaraldense is a model, actress and presenter colombian, known for having participated in different programs on Our Tv. Started in Out of Place, a sports program, then moved to the program of gossip The Laundry Room and, finally, the program of varieties Our week, Nuestra Tele.

Had a romantic relationship with J Balvin for more than 2 years and has been regarded as the only “official girlfriend” of the artist. The couple was one of the more stable of the farándula colombiana; however, it was rumored that due to professional obligations had to be separated.

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Gaby Espino

The actress, model and presenter venezuelan, 41 years it has been famous in Latin America for his many roles in television, as well as for its extraordinary beauty. The linkage with the urban artist began in Instagram and thanks to a few comments, uploaded tone by Balvinwho chaffed the publications that made the actress on her accountthey began to relate.

The media speculated that it was a relationship between love and hate, but that without a doubt had a bond stronger and more special than a simple friendship. Tired of the rumors, Gaby confirmed that between them there was no loving relationshipbut just a good friendship, but J Balvinupon learning of the statements of the actress, came out in defense and “claimed” by denying it.

So, it was never confirmed if indeed the venezuelan and the colombian were involved romantically, though several people close to the alleged couple confirmed they were very close.

Osmariel Villalobos

The social communicator is known for its participation in different competitions of beauty, as well as in her role as a presenter. Of 30 years, also a model venezuelan was associated on several occasions with J Balvinalthough, as expected, none formalized the relationship.

The course dating would start in 2014, when Balvin was presented in the television program of venezuelan Portada’s, where Villalobos was the driver of the show. He asked if I had a boyfriend, and faced with the refusal, he promised that invite her to the concert Perfect Combination and maybe a photograph as a record of your promise.

So, fans of the singer were delighted with the snapshot, and although many claimed that they were nearby, none of the two stated that there were a romantic relationship.

Valentina Ferrer

The argentina of 25 years has been the most recent sentimental relationship of J Balvin. Crowned Miss Argentina 2014, got acquainted with the artist paisa in Medellin to make part of the video I Extrañándote.

In this 2019 were linked romantically, as the 10 February they attended together at the Grammy Awards made in Los Angeles, California; and, they were seen together on the 22nd of February at the Premios Lo nuestro.

Will it have been the way to confirm the dating?

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