These photos of Adele on the beach evidence of their radical change


  • The artist enjoyed with friends the End of the Year in Anguilla.
  • The ‘look’ that has been photographed is the outfit perfect to go to the beach.

    The 2020 is presented as a great musical year. From returns as expected as Rihanna or Justin Bieber to others like Lady Gaga or Rosalia. And among all of them, one that makes us special illusion, the Adele. The artist that broke all of the charts in 2015, thanks to his ‘Hello’ promises to be back throughout these months, a ‘comeback’, which includes radical change in your physique. If this Christmas we already showed through his Instagram that has focused on obtaining a figure ‘fit’, and now, a few photos on the beach of the artist to make sure that this purpose has been a success.

    A few images that were taken by the magazine People in the Caribbean and that became ‘trending topic’ on social networks quickly due to the striking of the same. The uk appears wearing a flattering black dress and white with shoulder pads and a scarf of red color that we have signed up to ‘looks’ in the future. With a smile from ear to ear, it is undeniable that after her divorce with Simon Konecki the interpreter traverses one of his best personal moments.

    Adele appears running and laughing to the edge of the sea, paradise-like setting located in Anguilla of the who came accompanied by friends, among whom were James Corden and Harry Styles. Yes, as you hear it, the singer of ‘Adore You’ seems to have created a close bond friendly with the winner of the Oscar, which seems to us a fantasy maximum. Together they have starred in some other owner in the island, especially after Harry left a tip of 2380 euros to a waitress that what was viral soon after on social networks.

    Now we only need to see if this tandem music could come out a collaboration, something that makes the hair stand on end just imagining it.