Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson already recovering in Los Angeles after its isolation by the coronavirus


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been spotted by the magazine People driving through Los Angeles, showing a possible improvement in their health status. The couple, who have contracted the coronavirus ago, two weeks ago, had remained isolated until the moment and the latest news that had been shared were related to their isolation in Australia.

Tom Hanks

The american actor tweeted recently about the state of your health by saying that two weeks have passed after having the first symptoms and we feel better. Taking refuge in a site it works like this: do not convey to anyone, you don’t receive it from anyone. Common sense, isn’t it? It’s going to take a while, but if we take care of each other, we help where we can and sacrifice some comfort, this will pass. We can get through this”.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, both 63 years of age, were discharged from the hospital in the australian state of Queensland, last march 16. “Tom and Rita are very good and are still recovering. Your recovery is what is most usual for healthy adults with the virus. Feel better each day that passessaid Leslee Dart, a representative for the actor.

The virus affects all of Hollywood

The united states is the country with the highest number of infected by COVID19 with more than 100,000 active cases and nearly 1,700 deaths. The measures to contain the spread of the virus does not arrive and many states like New York have experienced a very rapid growth in the number of infected people bringing the hospitals to a lack of staff and necessary equipment.

The film industry has been paralyzed in its entirety, by suspending hundreds of productions of tv series and movies. In addition, the number of actors and production staff affected by the virus is increasing. On the 26th of march he died, Mark Blum, actors like Idris Elba or Tom Hanks have contracted the virus and each day we know more details of to what extent it may affect the situation totally exceptional that lives on the planet in these moments.