Town crier cuban sings to the coronavirus in the middle of the street: “The chinese are pasao”


The ingenuity and ability of the cuban for addressing difficult situations with humor and to wrest a smile to more than one with their occurrences, has also been seen in times of COVID – 19.

A town crier cuban has shown his great talent for improvisation and has invented a song in which she sings to the coronavirus and to the difficult situation at the global level because of the spread of the pandemic.

The theme, with a contagious rhythm to the purest urban style, has been played in the middle of the street by the lord while walking around a neighborhood trying to sell their products.

“The chinese are gone, the chinese are gone. Of a sneeze, they sent the virus pa’ other side’, are some of the stanzas that sings of the seller in its chorus.

The video has begun to expand as a foam by Facebook and is on its way to becoming viral for the fun time that gives the man in the midst of these times of health crisis and in which chiefly abound in the social networks the news of tragedies.

Currently, the COVID – 19 is a great threaten to the island and for the health of cubans. Until last Thursday, the 26th of march, The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) has reported 10 new cases infected with coronavirus within the country, increased the total number to 67 infected.

Also, 1603 people remain entered as potential cases infected and are waiting for relevant evidence to confirm their state of health before the pandemic. In this regard, the cuban government also announced that until now only have been made 893 samples to detect the coronavirus.

As a response, the measures that it has begun to dictate the high institutions in the country to curb the COVID – 19, are the closing of borders, allowing only the input of the residents, and the output of the tourists of the country. It has also called on people to remain in their homes, the cessation of school classes, though the circles children do not have this rule of closure.