Victor Drija he uncovered the infidelity of the husband of Osmariel Villalobos


According to the information disseminated by Orlando Suárez, Juan Pablo Galavis was very affectionate with Lusmairyn Figuera, while they were partying at a nightclub in Madrid, where he was also the singer venezolano Víctor Drija.

That is why many journalists, venezuelans have been behind the pursuit of what really happened that night, in this opportunity, Pedrito Padilla managed to get an interview with Victor Drija, who asked him about what happened.

During the interview for the television program More Plus, Victor Drija ever denied the relationship between the current husband of Osmariel Villalobos and presenter venezuelan.

“First, I think that question is the you have to do to the protagonists of the story. The second thing, we did go to a nightclub after the release of my theme ‘That smirk’… it was an event that had my family, family of my wife, and obviously is as you want to see things, if we turned off the lights and I tell you a secret to the ear people can say that I was insulting or flirting. What I can say is that, yes we were there and we went to 250 places more like that”, said.

As expected, Pedrito Padilla could not stop to ask you about the comment you made Orlando Suarez: “Saw Victor Drija and Juan Pablo Galavis at a nightclub in Madrid, without their respective wives.”

In response to that comment, the interpreter of “Tell me what happens,” said that he and John Paul were alone, as everyone has their responsibilities and tasks.

“Were not our women, because we came for work, they also have their work, their activities and their professions and look at the truth is that I that night was incredible, phenomenal, I shared a lot with John Paul”, he said.

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