Victorious celebrates 10 years of its release It held the cast of Nickelodeon!


Victorious meets its tenth anniversary to the premiere in Nickelodeon, where he became one of the favorite series of the public and that the cast members fondly remember, like the fans.

Victorious celebrates 10 years of its release It held the cast of Nickelodeon!

Victorious celebrates 10 years of its release

From Ariana Grande, who has achieved greater fame since Victoriousuntil Victoria Justicestar of the series of Nickelodeon, the members of the series created by Dan Schneider they remembered the program that gave them fame.

The series was starring Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Leon Thomas III, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia, Daniella Monet and Matt Bennett.

These are the publications with which the cast of Nickelodeon celebrates 10 years of Victorious, the winner of two Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Victoria Justice

“10 years of Victorious. In fact, it is a little crazy to write that, because in many ways it seems like yesterday. I’ll never forget how I cried in our first reading in the table. I cried because I was so fucking happy! This program changed my life”.

Ariana Grande

“I just want to say how grateful I will always be by being in this program and for those years of my life. Could not have spent my teenage years with a better group of human beings, most fun and talented […] Even strange for me to wake up with pillows stained red dye”.

Elizabeth Gillies

“We all grew up together in that program. We laughed as much as we work. We were a family 10 years ago and still are now. […] Thanks to all the fans, old and new, to embrace our little show and continue to keep you alive so many years after”.

Daniella Monet

“The last time we were all together, the strange boys, strange to Victorious […] Thanks to everyone who saw us and supported us in that time and now. best fans of the game”.

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Avan Jogia

“10 years from Victorious. What luck I had of having such friends. I love you all”.

Matt Bennett

“The best 10 years of my life began 10 years ago today”