“Went into a rage and threw the bag against the wall.” Mila Ximénez has the whole truth


mila ximénez save me

March 27, 2020
(11:30 CET)

In these days, weeks, even months of confinement, Mila Ximénez has opened the computer and has managed to escape from the outside world, that way. The partner of Save me is at home and you do not plan to leave until new order, or rather later. Ximenez enters within the high-risk group due to their age and don’t want to pass anything bad, not by her but by not give problems to his daughter Dawn and his grandchildren.

The tertuliana gives you time to write in your blog almost every day. Yesterday spoke of their confinement, very similar to the one that lived in the GH VIP 7, is already experienced, perhaps this less traumatic and more tranquil, and today it has made Rocío Carrasco. What a surprise. The character that everyone talks about from that Antonio David landed in the GH VIP 7 and became a partner to Save me. Now his daughter, Dew Flowers is a contestant on Survivor and you are leaving big revelations.

talk with themWhen they communicated the situation of Spain Rocío Flores was transformed into a sea of tears. The young man was concerned for his mother. I had the need to know that it was okay. Mila Ximénez she saw a daughter pleading for the affection of his mother. Asking for forgiveness in his own way. The former Santana does not understand as the clan Fields, without mention, you can keep doing damage to this “creature” only to praise your holy mother. What had happened between Carrasco and Flowers now will matter as well little.

Recently Carmen Borrego revealed that Rocío Carrasco is pending of the competition of their daughter Mist Flowers and the episode that features Mila Ximénez now looks much more clear. The mother is the only thing that you are trying to do is protect his daughter and he does so with his silence.

The tertuliana regained of a situation in the corridors of Telecinco when Rocío Carrasco was the host of the space weekly to Talk with them, Telecinco. “One day, Mist, mother, before entering on the set of ‘Talk to them’, in the hallway went into a rage and pulling the bag against the wall told us that no one had to speak of her daughter, because only she had calved and it was their duty to protect her, hence your silence.”