WHAT IS TO BE DIVORCED?- Osmariel Villalobos shook the social media with this message (+PHOTO)


The host and former beauty queen in venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos, has gone on in the last few hours social media with thousands of comments, following a publication which was accompanied with a direct message.

For their part, this Tuesday, the creole published through his official account on the social network Instagram, a picture of her in his car; but what is controversial was not the image, but the text with which I accompany the same, as in the clarified already pulled out of his life everything that was not healthy.

Also, in the text reads as follows: “And I started to get rid of everything that was not healthy: people, situations, places, things… Some call it selfishness, I call it SELF-LOVE ?? Happy day ??, “ said Villalobos, who is currently living and working in the city of Miami, united States.

It is important to reocordar that Osmariel was in the eye of the hurricane luegode began to spread the rumor that he would be in the process of a divorce from Juan Pablo Galavis, whom he married a couple of years ago. For her part she herself clarified in the program Covers that her marriage was going through a difficult time.

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