Woody Allen: “Scarlett Johansson is sexually radioactive”


In a passage of his autobiography, Woody Allen described Scarlett Johansson as a bomb USED sexy by the force of the atomic, began the criticism of the press.





L’autobiography of Woody Allen to discuss further, so that it is lit, especially overseas. The words used by the Director to describe you Scarlett Johansson 19 years as an erotically attractive have done, turn up their noses, Dwight Garner, the critic for the New York Times, wrote a long article in which the book discusses also appeared those of us with the title, in fact nothing, thanks to the publisher, The ship of Theseus.

Step-accused relates to the first encounter between Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson in the times of Match Point, a movie, then life would have a soldalizio continuing with Scoop and Vicky Christina Barcelona. “Was only 19 years old”writes All, “it was already there: an actress, exciting, a movie star, a natural, keen intelligence, self-aware and funny. If the meeting, you have to fight with the ferormoni. He was not only beautiful, but it was sexually radioactive”.

To present Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson Cannes, “Match Point”

Close in the hope to work with her “before I die, or in connection therewith, senility, and I drool, but not for you”. The description has been stamped on by Dwight Garner as a “dirty business” and this is not the only mass-index and the expert, which is marked with a ‘pencil blue’, other sentences are related to other actors inside their movies. For example, Naomi describes Watts as “the two front teeth bigger sexy in the world of entertainment”Christina Ricci is “very desirable”Emma Stone to see “funny” and Rachel McAdams as a woman “one million us dollars from everywhere you look”. He was also on the casting done, Penelope Cruz Scarlett Johansson in the times of Vicky Christina Barcelona: “High cubes, the dimension of the erotic, every woman”.

Scarlett Johansson in “Match Point”

Nothing was published after this week in the Usa by Archade Publishing, the publishers have withdrawn their origin, Hachette, and, because of the protests of the employees, in contrast to the edition of the book, the Director and I, Annie. Between the revelations that he has done more of a stir, what the actor Timothée Chalamet, protagonist win in his last film, A rainy day in New York, that he increase denied and working with All of the opportunities, an Oscar, undoubtedly, to Call me with your name. At the time, many were, the censorship, the film’s Director, is because of the allegations of his daughter Dylan, which is repeated for years, abused her when she was still a little girl. Offences in relation to which All always but was acquitted, but the are back on the first page, on the basis of the investigations in connection with #metoo and sexual violence against Harvey Weinstein.