Yanet Garcia returns to Today with a routine of exercise at home and tips


The beautiful Yasmin Garcia, who became famous for being the girl from the climate in TODAY above, customary to show off their charms in their social networks, however, this time he returned to the program Today to give some tips to the quarantine and a simple routine of exercises for their fans.

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The young man decided to share one of his routines perssonales home exercise and also emphasized that can be done in a way so simple and even with your pets or children, so it considers that there are no excuses.

The young man appeared in a video call in the program Today where she shared that she is located in Los Angeles and beyond almost everything is closed, so we invited all of us to take care and remain at home.

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Up to introduced us to his dog, and commented that if you have pets we could do those exercises with them or even with children, something that makes it super useful, as in these days of social distancing is a perfect time to begin to move, inside the house.

Yaner shared several exercises, with which we can train the legs and buttocks, mainly because they are her specialty and she focuses on that, most of the time, because they are its main attraction, apart of course from his talent as a conductor and now influencer.

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The young man invite his fans to join their training sessions on-line, as Yasmin believes that in these times of quarantine is super important to exercise and stay as healthy as possible, so she instructs you to join your plan.

recently shared a picture from 10 years ago, where we can observe as not account with the attributes that today have become one of the women most beloved and dear of Mexico, because it has fans, so many that in Instagram has more than 13 million followers.

Since it began in its journey in the year has shared through his account of Instagram its evolution it has had on your body, thanks to a good diet and good workout routines.