“You are going to relapse.” Ylenia Padilla would hide this relationship. Last time


Alejandro Albalá and Ylenia Padilla

March 27, 2020
(11:25 CET)

Ylenia Padilla is a very close friend of Antonio Roof, something less of Candela Acevedo. Both starred as a couple on GH DUO, but it seems that the stay in the house did not help to smooth out differences and overcome their problems. The couple entered as a marriage in crisis. During the reality show, Roof and Acevedo starred in heated discussions and finally decided to put point and end to the relationship.

The seville showed you disappointed with your ex-boyfriend. “I said that we were going to experience a super nice, that I would take care of it, and suddenly I walk in and I meet the kick in the ass”, featured on tv. Antonio Roof appeared to Save me on several occasions, but withdrew from the small screen to fall back on a dark episode of drugs and alcohol. The exconcursante is recovering from their addictions. In addition I would have found love.

Who also left the tv Candela is Acevedo. The seville has been focused on her career as a model and influencer, as evidenced by their social networks. The ex, Antonio Roof has always been very discreet with his private life. Until now nothing was known of their situation sentimental.

Through their social networks has revealed what it had been a year in hiding. The young man who connects with their followers through their social networks for entertainment has made a round of questions and answers, and one of his followers asked if she’s got a boyfriend. “Yesss, this is my boy and I am super in love with, like never before.”, has responded the ex-girlfriend of Antonio Roof. Next to the response Candela has shared an image that appears next to your boy, and exchanging glances of lovers.

Candela Acevedo and his new partner