5 Things you probably didn’t know about Hailey Baldwin


Hailey Baldwin has become one of the celebrities most relevant in the entertainment industry and the entertainment, a lot also thanks to his marriage with the singer Justin Bieber, that’s why here we will show you 5 things you probably didn’t know about the model.

The Clan Baldwin

Have you ever heard about the clan Baldwin? Well, as Hailey turns out to be the daughter of one of the members of this large clan of actors, Stephen Baldwin, who joined in matrimonial bonds with Kennya in 1990 and received the wife of Justin Bieber in 1996. The importance of the family of the model is such that even all are referred to as ‘The Family Baldwin’, rather than being individually named.


It is worth mentioning that Hailey has a very well defined its beliefs, as the model was raised under the christian religion and on several occasions has mentioned that the faith is something very important to her, in fact, religion is something which she shares with her husband, Justin Bieber, who usually tends to visit the church every Sunday.

Possesses a fortune of 20 million dollars

Despite coming from one of the families most relevant in all of Hollywood, Hailey has been making their name under their own merits. With only what he has earned, through modeling, to be the face of magazines such as Vogue and Ellethe young model has generated a fortune of 20 million dollars, while that of her husband is $ 285 million, bringing well, a fortune total of 305 million dollars between Mr. and Mrs. Bieber.


Although it is now one of the models most coveted the taste for the walkways was not always what Hailey, in fact, his intention was to become a great dancer because she studied ballet in The American Ballet Theatre Schoolhowever, after an injury was when he had to give up his dream and in the words of the same Hailey, it is very difficult to see people dancing, because it reminds him of what once wanted to be.

Appears in a video of Cody Simpson

Hailey has not only been the face of several magazines and brands, as in 2002 became the image of a music video of Cody Simpson, entitled ‘On my Mindwhere did the role of the ‘impossible love’ by the australian. Here we leave you the video!

There is No doubt that, as time goes on, Hailey is going to be increasingly relevant in the entertainment industry. Did you even know some of these data on the model?