A wedding of $ 250,000 to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin | People and Celebrity


You’ve reached the big day for Justin Bieber and Hailwy Baldwin. The couple will be married this Monday, September 30, in a ceremony that bring wanting and putting off for the health problems of the singer in a whole year. Although they were married in a court in New York in September of 2018, now the couple finally held their union religious —very important for them to be anchored both in the catholic faith— and they will also make a great party surrounded by their friends and family.

Although the wedding will take place on Monday, the celebrations began the weekend with family members and close friends of the marriage, and will last until Wednesday. Waiting for that to arrive famous faces such as Kendall Jenner or Katy Perry, who have already been seen in the preboda and the rehearsal dinner these days have been Pattie Maillete, the mother of canadian singer, or Kennya and Stephen Baldwin, parents of the model. All of them have spent a day riding in several boats by the resort where they organized the celebration.

Sunday night and already could see the bride and groom in such boats and in a cocktail that is held together with 36 friends and family members. Justin Bieber, 25 years old, he went with black pants and a polo white while Hailey Baldwin, 22, was wearing a short white dress, shoes of the same color with a big lacing of tulle (Jimmy Choo, valued at a few thousand dollars) and, in the head, a small tie to the game.

The party will be high for everything. According to the magazine Peoplethe festivities will last three days for the bride and groom have decided to rent several rooms and the whole hotel complex where they will celebrate the wedding, one of the most luxurious in the state. Palmetto Bluff, which is-as the name of the place, has 8,000 hectares in which are distributed two chapels (they will be married in the biggest, with capacity for 185 people), two ballrooms, several restaurants, green meadows, lakes, swimming pools, golf courses and private access to a river.

The british newspaper The Daily Mail estimated that the cost of the celebration can overcome the $ 250,000 (about 230,000 euros): only the rooms of the hotel complex have a price of between 290 and 1600 euros per night. For its part, the bride and groom will be accommodated in a residence apart only for them, not in the hotel itself.

The link will take place at sunset and she will act the canadian singer of R&B Daniel Cesar. To organize everything you have counted with the help of Mindy Weiss, one of the wedding planner most quoted by the famous american which has organised weddings and events such as Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum or the sisters Kardashians, in addition to participating in the successful dating program of the american television The Bachelor.

The young people met for the first time in 2009, when she was only the daughter and niece of a well-known dynasty of actors, and he a promising young pop. In 2015 they maintained a relationship that was left for a few years. He came out after with Sofia Richie and Selena Gomez, and in 2018 they met again; that same summer we were promised. Now, before you get married for the second time, has outgrown the party of the bachelorette of the model, accompanied by friends such as Kendall Jenner and her sister, Alaia Baldwin. His, however, has not transpired, nor have the images of the rehearsal dinner. It is not known if there will be a link or if the bride and groom have decided to make an exclusive to shield its exclusive and grand wedding.