Aarón Diáz and Lola Ponce very romantic in Paris


The love they have among themselves Aarón Diáz and Lola Ponce it is one of the most beautiful in the artistic medium. From that began their relationship in 2012 have done nothing more than cultivate the affection that has been strengthened with the arrival of their two daughters, Erinsix-year-old and Reginafour, to their lives.

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It seems just yesterday when at the end of 2014 formalizaban their romance to the get married by civil in the city of Miami, Floridaand then, in June of 2015, wore white during an intimate ceremony in Morocco.

Aarón Diáz and Lola PonceVIEW GALLERY

With the passage of time have proven to be a solid and happy couple, as well as what they boast in their social networks among travel, adventures, sports and concerts, without neglecting their small which are the engine of your existence.


In a recent publication, Aarón Díaz was left to see with the love of your life enjoying the most of it during a stay in the city of love, Paris, with a few romantic photos. “Last night in Paris I met this little French girl divine”wrote the mexican actor.

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In the five snapshots is perceived as love that is of the actress and singer argentina, as they showed when they met during the recordings of the melodrama Talisman, in which they personified the brothers Negrete.

And now that their small are school holidays, you both decided to indulge in a space within their family commitments in order to continue writing the pages of your own soap opera.

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Lovers of the sea and the nature

One of the landscapes that are recurrent in the day-to-day partner is the sea. Aaron Diaz and Lola Ponce have made it clear that his perfect plan is to be surrounded by beach and sun; whether it be showing off their slender bodies, practicing a water sport or to the side of his beautiful daughters.

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