Adele already has a new boyfriend and introduces him to his best friends


Adele has decided to have a new relationship. Photo Instagram: adele

Adele has decided to have a new relationship. Photo Instagram: adele


It seems that Adele has overcome his breakup with Simon Koneckias already introduced him to your best friends to your new partner according to the Sun newspaper.

The artist, 31-year-old took to musician Skeptaof 37, with presenter James Corden and his girlfriend of a lifetime, Laura Dockrill.

Photo Instagram: skeptagram

No one saw it coming, but there is a romance between Adele and Skepta. Are two people (James and Laura) who care much between them, so that it is presented to them it was something exciting,” said a source close to the singer.

Adele separated of her husband the past April after a relationship with him since 2011.

Skepta had a brief relationship with Naomi Campbell in 2018, but it ended because he had a child with another woman.

In the meantime, some of their fans asked the singer to finish so she can make a new disc with topics of spite.


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