Adele looks spectacular in her look of Christmas although opinions are divided


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Credit; Getty Images

Things as they are: Adele is the queen of the breakups. And no, this time we do not speak of their discography, but of their looks. Broke the Internet last time on the feast of Drake, when they took a photo with the caption “before I cried, now sudo”referring to that was killed in the gym to achieve this body. And this time, he did it in his own Christmas party.

Although this time there’s no caption controversial…

Just a few photos very, very, very hot in the who wears a dress semi fitted silk sleeves bulky. But that’s not all, because the outfit is accompanied by diamonds and a beauty look that is definitely going to inspire our makeup for the new year. Starting with a smokey eye lightweight and a lip look dark. All combined with a few waves of retro and ultra bright. In a few words: the singer is straight out of a fairy tale.

Looks amazing and the celebs know it

Of course, the photo is filled with comments on how spectacular it looks Adele. Among them, the model Naomi Campbell said “Gorge <3 <3 <3”, Colton Haynes, DJ Naughty Boy and Cheyl Hole of RuPaul's Drag Race he also commented on how spectacular it looks.

But with the good came the bad. And yes, we are referring to the negative reviews about your weight loss. Especially those who accuse her of reinforcing the discourse of ‘fatphobia’ (the fear to the bodies fat). We already told you once but we’ll say it again. Nor are we celebrating that the singer went down in weight, but that you found a healthy way to survive his divorce, and he looks ultra happy in the photos.